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How to watch EPL, UCL, La Liga and more for £15.70/month using a VPN

Updated: Feb 8

Are you frustrated by the fact that we in the UK are pretty much the only people who can’t watch the 3pm Premier League kick-offs? Are you also disillusioned by the astronomical prices we now have to pay just to watch a fraction of the EPL matches each season? You are in the right place. I have put together a comprehensive guide on how to watch the EPL (and also a few other top leagues & European competitions) without paying insane prices. I have tried to find a combination that minimises the number of subscriptions and allows you to watch the broadest range of matches.

Before researching this article I thought I would require a complicated combination of broadcasters and deals but it can be done pretty simply:

Step 1: You will need a VPN, this is used to disguise your location, you will be able to use the VPN to appear in the country that is broadcasting the game you wish to watch. I use ExpressVPN and have found it really consistent, you can get 3 months free (£5.70/month after):

Step 2: You will need a streaming service, the best service I have found is DAZN. The best price I can find is in Canada ($25/month = £15.50/month) or if you want to pay annually it is £10/month, you will need to access via your VPN.

Step 3: Set your VPN to the country streaming the match you want to watch and start streaming.

IMPORTANT: I often find that browsing in an Incognito browser works best when switching between countries.

This combination will set you back approximately £15.70/month if you are billed annually. I thought I would see what the same football would cost in the UK (keeping in mind we cannot watch 3PM kick offs):

Now TV (Sky Sports): £26/month

BT Sport: £30/month

Amazon: £9/month

TV License fee: £159/year or £13/month

Total: £78/month (for only 200 of the 380 games/year)

I have compiled a list of countries to set your VPN to for each competition when on DAZN:

  • Premier League: Andorra or Spain

  • Champions League: Canada

  • Europa League: Canada

  • Conference League: Canada

  • La Liga: Austria, Germany, Italy or San Marino

  • Serie A: Germany, Austria, Japan

  • Bundesliga: Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria (Friday and Sunday matches)

  • Ligue 1: Germany, Austria or Japan


*We have an affiliate deal with ExpressVPN which provides the 3 month free plan.

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